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Meals drop shipping company catering to evolve?

Date: 2019-10-05

Recent airlines have intention to not intentional of lower the standards of meals, around meals relegation discussion also is hot.

Early in the China civil aviation passenger luggage domestic transport rules are hard and fast rules about meals, full-service shipping department is little careful movements on the meal.But civil aviation administration of China made clear in the conference in September, the new rules of the China civil aviation passenger luggage domestic transport ", to delete the relevant provisions on air.And think that in-flight meals belong to the category of airlines operate independently, airlines can decide whether to provide meals and provide what kind of food.

Official offer already very clear, the direction of marketization of the products will be decided by the market.Believe that the future navigation company's meals will no longer be a single "yuck" the meal.

Daily delicious VS air casual diningWith the improvement of living standard, passengers can easily enjoy the delicious food, the taste buds of people is becoming more and more picky, aviation food because of the particularity of the industry, the needs on the basis of safety and health, rapid and efficient meals.To ensure freshness and health, cook good meals to rapid cooling refrigeration and put into cold storage, according to the distribution to the aircraft flight status, the low temperature treatment, until the heat in the oven for dinner on board and provide passengers.Tough conditions, huge workload, gradual compression costs caused airlines to provide meals cannot be compared with the daily meals.As the user feel express more than two days is too slow, Spring Festival gala is more and more boring, outstanding product and user experience has raised the user's expectations, aviation meals short board is magnified a thousand-fold.

Anticipation VS bone sense of realityAlthough domestic short-haul flights generally within 2 hours, an average of 30 km from downtown, but domestic airport if public transportation, from home or the company, carry baggage arrive through ground traffic hub will need at least 1.5 hours, again after 1 hour of check-in and waiting, after two hours of flight time, arrived again after 1.5 hours ground transportation, the whole trip time of 6 hours.Long distance travel fatigue, afraid to miss the light tension will increase hunger for passengers.At the same time, considering the passengers have meals provided on board the plane, will reduce the snacks, full of expectations for in-flight meals.Under this scenario, the plane "minimalist" meals brought tremendous psychological gap, that is perfect product managers expect of scene matching, but it is a cautionary tale.